Shampoo 2.0

So, I finally made the shampoo, according to the Frugally sustainable recipe and following the steps of the hot process description at Mendrulandia. I found the process quite easy (although at some point I thought something went wrong and my attempt won’t succeed), although I very prefer the cold stuff, which by the way don’t need extra gas or electricity.
I also prefer how the cold process soaps look like. However, hot process have a really interesting advantage: soap is immediately ready for use (although it’s better that it rests for a week in order to loose all the extra water). I measured PH during the process and stop to “cook” the soap when it reached 7-8. After 4-5 hours I unmolded the batch and an hour after I cut it into bars.

Next time I would like to try the “Cold Process-Oven Process“, although I have to think which recipient I could use as a mold. It seems quite less messy and soaps have a prettier aspect.

I took some photos of the process (I’ll try to be more accurate next time).


Oils and butters.


Lye, water and coconut oil mixture (not sure if I misunderstood something at this point)


Shampoo as it was when I put it in the oven.


Finished shampoo hardening in the mold.


Ph stripe after last meassurement (7-8)


Whole batch


Some cut bars

And my camera ran out of battery, so, more photos maybe tomorrow. You will see that the bars are more “rustical” than those of cold process, but I hope it works so well as them. If you tried it you can tell me or leave a comment below.

Final picture comes in a separate post since I’m not capable to add it here.

Zutaten: Kokosöl, Olivenöl, Kokosnussmilch, Rhizinusöl, Wasser, Natronlauge, Jojobaöl, Sheabutter, Kakaobutter, Bienenwachs, ätherische Ööle. (Bergamote, Lemongrass, Orange and Patchouli)


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