Bálsamo labial/ Lippenbalsam

I wanted to try to make a lip balm for children when I came across this funny lipstick containers. I got them and although I’m not completely satisfied with them (because of my prejudices on chip-made-in-China stuff), I will use them till I have no more.


I wanted also to make something with my children since soap making is not for kids and they are eager to help me in this task. So when my son suggested to make them as a birthday gift for a friend I agreed immediately.

Here the recipe we used for around 10 lipsticks (ca. 50 gram):

8 gr Mandel oil

8 gr Sunflower oil

8 gr Shea butter

8 gr Cocoa butter

8 gr Olive oil

10 gr Bees wax

15 drops sweet Orange essential oil

5 drops E Vitamin

Knife point of Estevia extract


And the preparation goes as follows:

Melt bees wax and butters in a double boiler or water bath.



Afterwards add the liquid oils.

Stir well and take out from the stove.


Leave to cool down for a moment and add the vit. E drops, the estevia and the essential oil (you can choose any that you like and is non toxic).

Finally fill in the containers (I made it with a big syringe) and let to completely cool down.Image

Here the full filled containers.


Watch out with the estevia: my balm became so sweet that my children are literally eating it!!!


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