Kitchen soap

Being honest, I do not use any special soap in the kitchen. However, I wanted to make a soap with my mother and thought that she would like this.

Normally, we call kitchen soap to a soap made with coffee and other spices, which have deodorant properties. I will only put the recipe since I didn’t make pics of the process.

476 gr. Olive oil

159 gr. Coconut oil

40 gr. Cacao butter

91,1 gr. Lye

234,4 gr. Water

2 tablespoons of coffee

Spices like cinnamon, cloves, muscat… I used 15 gr. Vanilla etheric oil


The process is similar to any cold process soap. Only make the coffee infusion a couple of hours before to allow it to cool down. At first I thought to strain the coffee but afterwards I considered that the ground coffee would add an exfoliating touch.


To finish I mixed a part of the soap with 2 tablespoons of kaolin and made some lighter swirls.


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