Bath bombs, Bombas de baño, Badebomben

This is a very easy and funny project, suitable for doing it with kids and perfect for the coming holidays. We normally have all the ingredients at home, so we can choose to do it every time, and very often prepare it as a birthday gift.

Citric acid –> 1 part

Bicarbonate –> 2 parts

Colorants–> we use food colorants but very soon we will do an experiment directly with food. We will post on it.

Oil (sunflower, jojoba, mandel…) –> several tablespoon till reach consistency (we will measure it next time)

Essential oil –> some drops (look for skin friendly and edible if they are for kids, and think of they properties. For instance: orange and lemon/ lemongrass for freshness, lavender for relaxation, mandarine for good mood, eucalyptus for colds…)

A recipient to mix it all + a spoon or similar

Some small forms (we use ice cube forms with shape of fruits, animals, etc.)


To prepare the bath bombs combine all the ingredients following the former order. Mix well, be aware that citric acid reacts with water, and won’t react so spectacularly in the bath tube afterwards.


Fill the forms and let to set and dry for 24 hours.


Unmold and store in a glass jar, tupper, zip bag, or similar.

Finally give a couple of them to the kids to smash them in the tube. It is very funny and very good for rough skin.


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